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RC&D stands for Resource Conservation and Development.  RC&D is a unique program that is lead by local volunteer councils.  The RC&D Program addresses the following areas: Land Management, Water Management, Community Development, Land Conservation. RC&D provides a means for people to work together to plan and carryout activities that will make their area a better place to live.  Such activities lead to sustainable communities, prudent land use, and the sound management and conservation of natural resources. The purpose of the RC&D Program is to encourage and improve the capability of locally-elected and civic leaders, and interested volunteers, in designated RC&D Areas to plan and carry out projects for resource conservation and community development.

Local people are best able to determine needs and create solutions for their community.  The strength of RC&D is in the commitment of people to solve their own problems.  At our local level, the program is carried out by the Dinosaurland RC&d Council.  Residents from Daggett, Duchesne, and Uintah Counties are represented on the Council.  The Council meets monthly to identify concerns, needs, and problems within the area.  The Council implements projects that achieve the goals, objectives, and strategies of the Area Plan.  Please contact us for more information and to get involved.  

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