Plants, Animals, Water, Soil

What is P.A.W.S

Lesson Plans





1. Acts as liaison between all parties.
2. Establishes an agenda.
3. Obtains presenters for subject matter.
4. Makes sure all activities are coordinated.
5. Insures information is shared with all parties.
6. Acts as a rover on the day of event .
7. On the day of the activity, keep everyone on schedule, adjust to the agenda as necessary, and keep everyone informed of changes.

1. Acts as a role model.
2. Provides students with an opportunity to learn about a subject matter using a hands-on technique.
3. Avoids lecturing.
4. Presents topic matter in an interesting way. Avoids talking over student's heads, and boring them.
5. Provides group activities so all students can participate.

School District Representative
1. Provides students.
2. Provides supervision of students - High School - 1 adult / 10 students, Elementary - 2 adults / 10 students.
3. Provides transportation.
4. Provides liability in case of an accident.
5. Acts as liaison between Coordinator and teachers.

1. Stays with their assigned students at all times.
2. Corrects disruptive or unacceptable student behavior.
3. Sets example for students.
4. Encourages students to participate.
5. Insures students are dressed appropriately.
6. Insures the bus leaves on time to meet after school commitments.

1. Wears clothes appropriate for the weather. Minimum requirements: Socks, sturdy shoes ( No sandals), long pants ( jeans preferable) and long sleeve shirt.
2. Treat the presenters as guests-show an interest in the subject matter be attentive, be respectful and be courteous .
3. Demonstrate a willingness to participate.

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